You know what really sucks about this whole contraceptive thing (you know, aside from absolutely everything) is that there are many women such as myself who are on the pill as a treatment for extremely painful severe dysmenorrhea.

I’ve vomited and passed out more than once because of that pain, heat, and wooziness. Take away birth control and you are essentially crippling a mass amount of women for a few days every four weeks. Dysmenorrhea keeps women out of school and out of work because of the pain, which basically inhibits basic functions of life. Birth control is an effective treatment for this, and making birth control out of reach for women is going to cause a severe backlash in many ways. Unwanted pregnancy will skyrocket, leading to a higher abortion rate (which I imagine these same chauvinists vehemently oppose), and more young children to be supported by the government.  But in addition to the pregnancy factor, there is no doubt that business productivity will suffer.

For the good of everyone, let’s take the old white men out of my uterus.

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